Wednesday, June 13, 2007

X is for XX

I have been happy with this chromosomal arrangement. I’ve even become expert at the art of peeing outside.

The nature/nurture question is unanswerable. If I’d been born with a Y, would I be more daring and aggressive? Or would I continue to be an introvert, just stuck in a Y body instead of an X?

Of course, having a clitoris is fun.


Deloney said...

I believe the proper Indigo Bunting word here would be Yummy.

Helen said...

Your last line sounds like a good title for a book. I'm sure it would become a bestseller, based on the title alone.

Mali said...


Cedar Waxwing said...


Now this post would have cheered me up last week. Too bad I didn't stop by.

Preston said...

Go figure. The day I return to visit your site, you discuss the sexes.

dawna said...

Yummy is right! You just can't help but feel the teensiest bit superior when the clitoris is the only part on any body, no matter which chromosomes it's marked with, that has utterly no purpose but pleasure, no? :^)

ps reading recommendation: 'Woman: An Intimate Geography' by Natalie Angier, not new, but if you haven't read it, do!